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5 years after her humiliating defeat to Trump, Hillary reads part of her "victory speech"

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Published on 10 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

Try not to laugh as Hillary Clinton chokes up while reading a part of what would have been her victory speech, had she become US president. It's safe to say Trump still lives rent-free in her head ?

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FatAlbert 11 months ago

This bitch aborted so many of Bill's kids that his advisors actually had to intercede and to 'splain to her that most voters don't like killer moms.

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Doggk 12 months ago

What a witch.. We didn't forget the Pizza Gate !! huh ? ^^

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nest006 12 months ago

Oh play me the world's smallest violin. You got the mail-in votes right next time around when you realised cheating was needed.

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GenerationLESS 12 months ago

Ain't she dead yet?

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 12 months ago

The time is over and history has logged.......deal with....YOU LOST!

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