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40+ Yr Old Woman Gets Served A Divorce From Her Husband, INSTANTLY Regrets It

Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In Entertainment

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RoofKorean 8 days ago

99% sure she got kicked to the curb after getting caught cheating. Can't find another provider to be her "person" post 40 and divorced.

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Furioso 9 days ago

"i want a connection" red pill translation : i want a secure beta provider while i will continue to fuck bad boys behind his back .

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Up to 8:10 - She is a smarmy, smug, self centered, cunt.... I hope she enjoys head meds and cheap box whine... When she is broke, homeless, full of VD, and covered in sores from all the booze and drugs and dirty living - and eating out of rubbish bins..... Fuck her... What a selfish piece of shit she is..... "Me, Me, Me, Me - it's all about me".

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SOUKadath 9 days ago

Am I the only one who's noticed that a woman "serves" her husband with a divorce, but a man "asks" his wife for one?

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Up to 8:10 -- Listening to this fucking bitch and her bullshit - is as appealing as vomiting in your space suit.

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