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304s Are Shaming Men Who Want Prenups | Ride and Roast

Published on 12 Sep 2023 / In Comedy

Modern women truly believe they can have it all, including half your stuff, in exchange for nothing.
#TerrencePopp #PutUpOrPrenup #ModernWomen

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 8 months ago

Blake's description of love is where people keep getting it mixed up. At first he describes infatuation, then he describes love. Men and women both need to recognize one is not the other. That "attraction", the excitement people feel when they look at someone they're newly involved with, that's infatuation, and infatuation is not love, nor does it lead to it.

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Philip_Oliver_Holes 1 8 months ago

Shout out to popp. I've been on anti anxiety meds for the last year and then finally got my footing and was able to stop, cold turkey about 3 months ago. It was all a mindset thing. I still have sleeping problems I need meds for, but you guys keep helping me and everyone else. #430 out

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 8 months ago

14% of marriages end in the death of a partner. So, 86% of marriages end in divorce.

The 50% statistic is for the first two years, half of the end inside that time period.

What's with the uncut stuff being behind a pay wall? You guys trying to be HBO?

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SteveOUK 8 months ago

"I know what history says. I know how culture works. But if you love me you'll put your neck on this chopping block and trust me never to swing the axe," is the mentality of a psychopath.

As Popp Daddy has opined before: women avoid the creepy, men avoid the crazy. But whaddya do when crazy has become mainstream? Cut bait and head home.

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Heavyhand 8 months ago

To turn the heater off you simply need to run the hose that goes to the heater core back into the engine. Bypassing the heater core. No more heat :-)

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