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3 Ways That Women Test Men

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Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Entertainment

Here are 3 reasons that women will 'test' a man... to get more information about these 3 areas.


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Hammerhead69 5 months ago

It never ends with them for they are ever insecure and need to test.

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spectre 5 months ago

i made a video on ST. essentially she was just trying to see if you are who you say you are. nothing unusual for any people to do. but the long running STs, i think that is something else. in essence, i think it all comes down to you having to be the top dog in the relationship. you have a natural strength advantage where she will enver be on your level or above. then you have the money and the role of a provider. now in the past, this was what marriages were all about. but once women entered the work force and are equal to men, the men lost this advantage over women so they now lost a point for which to respect you. hence why they are seeking these 6-7 figure guys so much these days. another thing was maturity. usually men were much older than their women so they had the age and maturity over them. these days, not so much. most men date and marry women on par with them or only slightly younger. so the men lost this advantage as well. to the my first pint also add the size of the woman where women used to be petite compared to men. but now with the feminized men, they essentially have the same body type. or you have these big or fat women that are more massive than the men. so the men completely lost this aspect. so now when women are truly equal to men in all these things, the only thing left is the personality. and the ST is simply a way to see what they can get away with in the relationship. in other words, what i am trying to say is that if you are in a relationship with a woman, you cannot let her win in anything. you have to be the winner and the dominant force. you have to be the larger person. you have to be the older person. you have to be the more mature person(as in experienced and confident in life). you have to earn more than her, significantly more. you have to be smarter. you have to be better cook. you have to be better in every single thing. you cannot let a woman win anything, IF she tries to compete with YOU. outside of relationship, it is irrelevant. but when she is with you, she cannot think she is equal to you any literally anything. and that is when, i thin, you can have a good relationship, the woman must respect you and abide you. there is no other way that does not lead to failure and misery; whether sooner or later. the problem is that you cannot love the woman as deeply as you possibly can in this setup because it is like with children. you have to be the parent, the responsible person that must punish and control the kid in order for the kid to grow up properly. so your love must have limits, without them you've lost right off the bet. and this is my problem with this right now that the relationships, what they require, and the society today, literally nothing makes any sense. if you want A then you have to B and so on. you will never achieve harmony. there is always struggle and sacrifice.

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Mustang 5 months ago

When you live the MGTOW Monk Lifestyle, none of this is a bother or concern. Less hasseles, less headaches, less problems. You can concentrate on your purpose and improvement. #MGTOWFORLIFE

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