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26 Year old woman on the brink of tears for being ghosted.


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Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In Other

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Max_Dominate 4 months ago

Great commentary.

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TrapDoor001 4 months ago

Yeah right, She hasn't dated, Oh no just garden tooled around is all and now you're all blown out LMAO. Lose the hat and all that makeup for Christ sake, and that mouth gees.

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Mr_Sluggo 4 months ago

Ha Ha Ha Ha....now you know what it feels like when you bitches have been pulling this same stunt on us since the days of courting a woman. Man up!

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theinvisiblerabbit 4 months ago

If she only had a door knocker nose ring her look would be complete.

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Yeh! shame she didn't do anything about those fucking "Slit End;s" and that fucking Voice? Have you noticed these CUNT's all have the same generic voice and attitude? I bet women "Ghost" male dates all the time, so when it happens to them they get pissed? There is nothing Feminine about this CUNT, You Guy's may as well date a male DOCKER! lol! Phooooo! what a piece of fucking SKANK! lol!

One of my first thoughts was the moment it opened it's mouth was, "I bet she made other girls lives when a school a real misery", It has all the Psychological traits of a BULLY? Did you spot that 1000 Cock Stare as well! This one is not used to being Ghosted or stood up, so welcome to the REAL world where MEN still have the final say!

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