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22 Dating Disqualifiers for Modern Women | Popp Culture

Published on 28 Aug 2023 / In Comedy

A list of 22 ways modern women disqualify themselves for long term relationships, taken from the gospel according to Lee.
#TerrencePopp #ModernWomen #DatingDisqualifiers

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30203forever 16 days ago

That pretty much disqualifies ALL of them...

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 24 days ago

I'm a man, and I no longer care. Women are strong, independent and don't need no man. So, bye!

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Straven 24 days ago

Agree, no hymen no ring. Not interested in used goods outside a good truck/car...they ain't going to fuck me in court.

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sbseed 24 days ago

that is a good one... lol.

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hqwebsite 24 days ago

In the dating game, the relation we nurture,
We build savings, our wallet, they puncture,
Even if we succeed, the marriage is torture,
After the divorce, we still pay the vulture,

All hope isn't lost, thanks to Popp Culture.

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 24 days ago

You've got the rhyme, now work on the rhythme. (12, 10, 12, 11, 10)

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