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22,500,000 black children aborted since 1970. I thought black women were mother earth (Mgtow Bandit)

Published on 06 Jun 2023 / In Other
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Women and their "I don't need no man" bullshit - that's easy to live with.

"It's your car, you fix it".

This abortion industry - It's absolute bullshit.

Women have 22 different ways to prevent conception, and if they are not using them - then too fucking bad.

The women are like idiots who are driving down a mountain - and take their hands off the steering wheel and cover their eyes, and after the crash, they go, "It was the car that crashed"....

Just like they are the manager of their own lives and took their hands off the steering wheel.

They want to fuck - but they do not want to take responsibility for their part in it - so they get pregnant and then as a back door - they say, "HE got me pregnant" - and get an abortion.

Dumb fucks that are easily led and have a low IQ to match.

"Oh he made me pregnant!"

Yeah take your hands off the steering wheel and blame everyone else except yourself.

Fuck them.

The women are low IQ degenerates.

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