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20 Reasons You Suck at Dating | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
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Published on 22 May 2020 / In Comedy

⁣In the modern cesspool that is the dating market, men - and especially women - are always shooting themselves in the foot.

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BackTrailRider 10 months ago

That's some truth there, brother.

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CopCuffs 11 months ago

7:40 great read by Popp!

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Jupiter33458 11 months ago

Learn these lessons boyz'. My life would've been 1000% easier if I had Popps wisdom to listen too when I was younger. I can't wait to show this to my boys when they are older.
I made all the mistakes. I learned the hard-way so you don't have too.
No, I'm not "Chad Thunder-cock". I'm just "Brian Better-than-average-cock".
If you want to learn about women, get a job at a nightclub. Not a bar, but a night club.
Best move I ever made in understanding women.
I watched how women worked the crowd. Watched these looser chicks try to fill the empty space in their life with Cuervo and cock, only to come back the next week... and the week after that... and the week after that.
(Pro Tip) Don't date a regular customer either. They have so many issues, you'd think they have a subscription. I'd laugh my ass off every time a co-worked dated a regular and had it go south.
--- Working, part-time, at a night club, I've turned down more pussy than I've hit. Rejecting women, in front of other women, made me more attractive to the women that were worth wasting my time and energy with.
(Pro Tip) If there is ANY doubt, then there is NO doubt. Cut and run.
--- I also didn't waste my time with anyone I even THOUGHT was cheating on me. (tick) Buh' bye! I break-it-off in a heart beat. Not going to waste my time and energy. I've got better things to do... like watch my eye-lids.
(Pro Tip) Never marry someone unless you've lived with them for a solid two or three years.
--- No one can keep an act up that long and you'll find every crack, every skeleton. After three years of co-habitation, if you can accept the faults (faults, not deal breakers) you find in them, and they yours, you better put a ring on it.
I had to hack my way through a forest of bitches and beat back a flock of nut jobs to find the woman that ultimately would become my wife. She met all of my standards, never broke my rules, and still wanted to be with me after living together for 3 years. (Together for 22 years now)

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LongRedRoad 11 months ago

"the grass is to crabby" LOL so funny, so true!

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Causeformayhem 11 months ago


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whyserenity 11 months ago

women are vile.

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mothersmurfer 11 months ago

Ha! I, too, am a fan of The Critical Drinker!

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Rogue 11 months ago

good content!

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Gtilly 11 months ago

Please stop trying to give advice to women so they can be happy. They don't want to be happy. All you're doing is instructing them on how to better trick men into thinking that they are different and will actually respect them. We need to stop telling women how they should change their behavior and instead focus on how men should act differently. Instead of believing her, assume she is lying and leave her. We should be striving for the end of all relationships. Every man should walk out on the woman leeching off of him. Stop trying to make it better so women can keep men caged for just a little longer. Men need to stage a mass walk out. All men on strike from women. If shaming language works so well to keep men in marriage and dating then then we use shaming language aimed at married men. We can trick the women to go along with it as well. We get all the men out of relationships.

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jerryc 11 months ago

Came over from youtube and joined MGTOW TV.

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 11 months ago

Men are the pioneers, explorers, inventors, builders.

Women are the aggressive providers of entropy.

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CopCuffs 11 months ago

Popp you said your kryptonite was redheads and that's how you ended up married. How old is your X wife in that pic? @ 17:53-5.

   2    0
DanteKenchi 11 months ago

modern women suffer from princess syndrome, research in CHina have shown that 65% of women suffer from it, so think about that with western women, probly 95% xD

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Philthy_McNasty 11 months ago

Shes not your girl, its just your turn. Outstanding video brother Popp.

   2    0
CoachDeano 11 months ago

No booty break anymore .... ;(

   2    0
Lukenstein 11 months ago

fellas, what happened to the nitendo background music? i really liked that stuff

   2    0
Soda1020 11 months ago

If she wants marriage, it means she wants someone STUPID enough to say yes.

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MrBoogie 11 months ago

Them soy boys beta cucks hair were standing when the Poppster yelled something @ 5:59 Lol.... Popp makes me nostalgic, I was learning Spanish back in the day, watching a late night show "No Te Duermas " was my incentive, the host "Ganster" would put models/eye candy in his program and would get crazier on summer... Damn those were the good old days... Before the muh body is not objectification, Whaaaa!! Popp gotta do something like that or man show re-bootcamp?

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DubstepPhene82 11 months ago

That joke about your ex wife was priceless ! #NowThatsWhatICallSavage

   1    0
DubstepPhene82 11 months ago

This is spot on. #SomebodyTestifyingToday #OhMyBruthaTestify #AndTheChurchSaidAmen #ISeeYoureEnjoyingThatPulpitSir #YoureGoingHardInThePaint

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Akurtz46 11 months ago

I was the simp, pain and degradation is the best teacher

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MXStilgar 11 months ago

Shalom, MGTOW brothers! love and PEACE from Boston, Massachusetts!!!

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JMV 11 months ago

Blake's comment during the credits +10! WINNINNNNNG!!!

   3    0
One_Ronin 11 months ago

The chick in the white bikini, where can I find her, or her pics? Asking for a friend.

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MrA_H0Ie 11 months ago

17:52 Tessa Fowler is not the best choice for the perfect set of titties. BUT she smiles very often and her smile is quite cute.
Anyway, the perfect titty title goes to chicks like Emma Glover and the best looking waifus https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/rsl....lidHgF9u72qX&cl=

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James1225 11 months ago

Arbie's meat sandwich with creamed Wisconsin cheese, yum, wait a minute, got to pass. Ha Ha

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LongRedRoad 11 months ago

wow and holy shit.... this is rock solid info!

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Councilof1 11 months ago

That bagel analogy was gold. I almost puked. I have to use that.

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Furioso 11 months ago

Right, we are the prize , winning .

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 11 months ago

I'm sure you know, but suck, not in a good way -- the way a mosquito sucks blood.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 11 months ago

It’s obviously not you who sucks, It’s the dating culture and society who sucks the most.

   3    0
doczg88 11 months ago

I'm first but who cares...

   3    0
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