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2 for 1 special. Old cougar cant find a man, she's advertising herself with her daughter.


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Published on 19 Jan 2022 / In Other

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TheDemonKing 4 months ago

That's pretty fucked up,It's way too close to incest when family members are both having sex with the same person.
Like what,is she just gonna go down on her own daughter or will she just masterbate while she's watching her own naked daughter get fucked?
Are they trying to get some rich guy who's turned on by watching some girl make out with her own mom?
I've had threesome and I know the kinda shit that goes down during a 3 way. Pretty fucking disgusting for someone to wanna do that with their own mom,or sister,or daughter or whatever
Also if she wants a rich man she's not doing it right,they recently DID catch rich guys fucking mother daughter combo's.....the daughters were 9 years old and the mothers were happily delivering them to the super wealthy men to be molested.
Yeah....the uber rich guys you're trying to turn on don't want your daughter....she's at least 10 years too old for them!
Not to mention the fact this woman is literally trying to pimp out her own daughter so she can get some rich man's money
This is female empowerment everyone,women selling their own children to the perverted ultra elites in exchange for money and favors.
How many single dads do this? Oh yeah it's NONE of them!

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FL_Steve 4 months ago

Same thing happened in Weimar Germany, pre-Hitler. Mothers and daughters selling themselves as a pair. The nazis cleaned up all of that degeneracy, though the media would never tell you that. I wonder why?

   2    0
Mgtow_economics 4 months ago

She must've dumped the husband, and gone straight to the swinger life.

   2    0
Eggy_Noggy 4 months ago

ah, daughter introduces her 'pepper pubes' mother into the game? Smells fishy.

   0    0
bigintol03 4 months ago

"Smells fishy"...yeah, LITERALLY!

   2    0
Eggy_Noggy 4 months ago

@bigintol03: you KNOW i meant that LITERALLY ;)

   1    0
slapmonkey 4 months ago

The whole time playing with her her hair... sexually frustrated.

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