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19 Minutes of Older Women WORRIED Men Are NOT Going to Be Their Retirement Plans Anymore

Published on 14 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

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These women ALL come across are Feminist Arseholes - too smart by half, for their own good.

You played yourselves, and lost.

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Stalwart 1 month ago

That fucking stupid first woman. Good grief. Imagine not thinking ahead, AT ALL, as is SO common, getting a useless degree, choosing to reproduce, and ending up in that situation. These women live WAY beyond their means, and act like someone else is always going to rescue them. Delusional. And if you tried to help, they'd not appreciate it, but would view your resources as a horn of plenty that's just there for them to abuse. Let evil fall in on itself.

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saaralgris 1 month ago

Indeed. Student loan debt is only going to become more prevalent moving forward as women continue to exert their independence and prioritize education over family. For those who continue to date, credit and financial history checks will be mandatory LOL

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The gravy train pulled into their platform, and they told him to fuck off.

Old, Single, Bitter, Narcissistic, Broke, Unfuckable, Unpleasant, Selfish, etc.

Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad........

As Red Pill Married says, "Suffer! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!" etc.

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