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151 The Sexbot, Artwomb World (Masculism, MGTOW)

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Published on 04 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

Flyer No. 151
Title : The Sexbot, Artwomb World
Text URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/the-sexbot-a
All Flyers URL : https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/mgtow-mascul
Book : “MASCULISM, Men’s Rebellion Against Being Manslaves to Women, An e-Textbook of 300+ Masculist Flyers for Men’s Studies Courses” by Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, (freely downloadable, in MS Word format, from) https://profhugodegaris.wordpr....ess.com/masculism-me
Descr : This flyer speculates on what the world will be like after men invent the sexbot and the artwomb (artificial womb). Women will go into deep depression as they lose their monopoly over sex control and having babies. Women will be forced to be FIPs. Men will be freed from the traditional price of being a manslave to a bloody fluffie to get sex and kids.

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MrA_H0Ie 2 months ago

Thanks for the link to the text.

He makes some generous assumptions:
1. No worldwide totalitarian dictatorship.
2. No worldwide depopulation campaign.
3. Automation stops improving, so there will be still opportunity for some people to be valuable to the ruling class.
4. AW and robot companions so affordable that they will be accessible to anyone.
5. People will be allowed to buy them without restrictions.

I might have missed some more mistakes in his expectations, but these are more than enough to make his pie in the sky fantasies meaningless.

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