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12 Years Prison For Kissing Her - MGTOW

Published on 18 Nov 2019 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, Seeing what youtube is doing makes me sick. Your content exposed me to the red pill after I got out of a long term relationship a few years ago. I was in a really bad place and have crawled out if that hole because of content like yours. I thank you for that. It’s my pleasure to donate and help keep the fire burning. Hypergamy puts such unrealistic standards in dating. Very few men even qualify and the bar is constantly raised. As mgtow grows, not just the bottom 80% will leave the plantation. Women don’t care about the bottom 80% going mgtow, the top 20% will sting something fierce. Every top 20% man that goes his own way, hundreds if not thousands of women lose their “potential” white knight. Men, if you really want to influence feminism, elevate yourself to the top 20% and stay mgtow. Seeing rejection on a thot’s face is priceless. Thanks Sandman. Please keep me anonymous and edit what you wish." Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and from what I gather you want to encourage the top twenty percent of guys out there, the guys that matter the most to women to go their own way to influence feminism. I'm guessing you mean influence them so they change and stop being feminists? I will certainly discuss this in the first half of the video because I think there's only enough material there for half a request. In the second half I'm going to cover a story a story like the title says about a guy that kissed a girl on camera and then they went in a private area and had sex for five minutes in an apparently consentual way yet he's now going to prison for 12 years for rape. I'll cover both of those things but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Body Transformation Made Simple: Anyways, now back to Mr. Anonymous. So you want the top twenty percent of guys to go their own way to stick it to the feminists. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the top twenty percent of guys out there don't want to go anywhere near feminists. That's why they are feminists in the first place. If you don't know what I mean then do a search for pictures or videos of the girls at slut walks. The women there are unattractive and Shamu sized or they look butch and masculine. There are few cuties that would be worth doing if they cleaned themselves up but for the most part the top twenty percent of men will not settle for slut walk Sally. Because of that many those women are bitter because even though they are aspiring carousel riders they never got a chance to be satisfied by Chad Thunder Rod and instead have to settle for other beauty challenged butch babes out there. Feminism I believe is born from the
bitterness that the lower twenty percent of women feel towards the rejection they get from the top twenty percent of men. Just like Incels are born out of the lower 20% of men becoming bitter because of the rejection of all women.
Although there have been rumblings out there that there are femcels out there.

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DoctorForesight 1 year ago

Fuck YouTube, but I seriously get 360p unless I pay for HD?

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iue850dave 2 years ago

Fucking bitch should be charged

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Mgtow 3p0 Briffault gwelv


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wroger_wroger 3 years ago

"Feminist" - The smallest, least liked, porn category, in the world.

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