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“YOU” Ep 4 Shows Why Men Avoid Women With Daddy Issues | Beck is a Disaster

Published on 07 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

"YOU" episode 4 provides great insight into the impact "daddy" issues has on an individual. Modern Dating is confusing for men and women. Our videos are made for educational purposes.

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The Officer Tatum

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

These women were made for serial killers like peanut butter was made for chocolate or jelly and bread! Nature has a way of correcting itself: so, perhaps these serial killers are natural corrective measures. Just saying-- not endorsing. Now that I think about, a black guy made peanut butter and half black Mexicans or Aztecs made chocolate... I think there's a lesson there! But, the white man not only made the oceanic boat to get there but mapped it out too and invented first celestial navigation and piloting and later electronic navigation and GPS to further the intercontinental travel...

I can't help but wonder if women were supposed to die in childbirth and therefore less cheating or hoe like?! I mean they had their bicycles in antiquity and they had specially trained priestesses or "sex therapy"nurses or practitioners of famous Temples dedicated to Venus and ran by her cults. in the Hellenistic and Roman empires and worlds... Just reporting. We know this, but little known is that Alexander of Macedonia, ie Alexander the Great, was a little too close to boys in his "class;" so daddy King Phillip had to pay such Venus priestess to get little Alex and his "sword' interested in boobies and pussy, but he had mommy issues...

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