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You cant make a housewife out of a ho

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Published on 17 Aug 2021 / In Pets & Animals

⁣You cant make a housewife out of a ho

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nest006 2 months ago

Oh just get married. Then you'll happily go three days without dick.

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TelepathicRapist 2 months ago

well i guess its at least a good thing she actually is trying to sleep with her monogamous partner rather than cheating.

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PRICK 2 months ago

It's okay honey. All you have to do to fix your problem is... Oh wait, for a second I forgot I don't give a FUCK!!!

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sardonicsmile 2 months ago

My god... I couldn't, on all my best days combined, imagine having access to that many girls with such frequency.
And this female talks about it the same way, I have access to running water. And she is not even attractive; that rubbish ghetto accent is absolutely repulsive.

Amazing. Just Amazing...

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lyhyemmat 2 months ago

Love her honesty, congrats for saying the truth. Just dump him and go back to the streets

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faggot 2 months ago

muh pooosaaay muh poooosaaaay

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faggot 2 months ago

eww a nigger animal they only think about muh pusaaaay muh pusaaaay or muh dick muh dick

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Maxxx 2 months ago

Of course she a black fefail femon too.

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Generationless 2 months ago

What's her fucking problem? No sex for 4 days? Shit. Try being a married man.

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mrghoster 2 months ago

I did once try being a Married MAN, and never again, that was way back in the 80's though so well forgotten!

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Buckaroo Baizuo
Buckaroo Baizuo 2 months ago

Probably because after spending any amount of time listening to your sorry ass, the guy would be like “nah, fk that”
She belong to the street

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JMGTOW 2 months ago

sounds like a divorce in the near future. gotta throw her back to the streets where she belonged!

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Councilof1 2 months ago

Apparently for her there is nothing more to life than dick. That's just sad.

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