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You Are The Interchangeable Father...At Least That Is What Your Ex Thinks

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Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In News & Politics

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Holocaustic 22 days ago

you just described my sMother...I hate that bitch

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ExperimentalGroup 1 month ago

I’ve learned that in custody court, you strike first, strike hard, go for full custody and only settle on 50/50. Consider the judge to be a buyer that is trying to haggle down price, so go in with overblown numbers because you know your ex is doing the same and she has home field advantage.
You can only be replaced if you aren’t in the picture. I speak from experience. Adhere to the custody order without deviance, pick up her slack and keep notes. But if she doesn’t let you see your kids, file for contempt immediately. That way the judge knows you aren’t fucking around. Yes there is court bias, but a paper trail and understanding that a custody order supersedes feelings is a real deciding factor

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Freeatlast 2 months ago

What you said is true. My wife started cheating on me after the kid was born. I didn’t know she was cheating. She developed cancer and died a few years later. I thought it was so bad what happened. Years later, I discovered her infidelities. I now realize it was a blessing she died, and I could raise my son. I am sure my son would’ve been destroyed with a divorce. He has some special needs issues. He’s now finishing up an advanced degree in college in a science field. He’s off and doing well. So am I.
I am so glad for my son and myself what happened with her. No vengeance in my mind. Just that my son had a fair chance to make it in life.

I really feel for fathers and their sons that have some bitch screw things up so bad. It breaks my heart to know that goes on.

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Johnny_Cage 3 months ago

Why is "her" censored?

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selfworthy 3 months ago

Divorced man here, everything he said is true. Ex is always trying to estrange the kids and hinders contact.

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FL_Steve 1 month ago

I can vouch for this too. But my kids were grown when my ex ran off. The thing is not just fathers, but husbands, are replaceable. The trigger was that she started earning some money and figured she could replace me with a "bad boy". It was shocking to me how quickly she dropped me without a care. But that was before I understood the nature of women. Do they even have souls?

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selfworthy 21 days ago

@FL_Steve: Knowung women i guess she had her chad, went for indipendence money and then break off.

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toxicmasculinity 3 months ago

What do you think about infant penis skinning in America? Did you mutilate someone?

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Hexeze 20 days ago

Horrid. It made sex very awkward

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