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WOMEN WANT YOUR ENERGY (Energy Vampires) *Beware*

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Published on 17 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Not just women, but people in general can feel this inner change in your energy when you decide to practice retention.

Before you built great energy and did these practices. You weren't yet a target for those with lower energies. But NOW YOU ARE.

YOU have to start setting boundaries with others now. You can't continue to settle for others who do not share the same respect for their energy as you do.

Uplift and inspire others, always. But know the difference of when someone is being a leech. When they deplete you of what makes you shine, it's time for us move on and find people who add to the kingdom, not trash it.


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Maxxx 10 months ago

Most females are demons.

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EsterGym 1 year ago

Interesting. Since women cannot develop their own spirit, they must drain that energy from men. Thats why they get depressed when no one pays them attention. Thats why they desire to be worshipped in history instead of god, and he commanded her to be submissive.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

very true bad women want your energy they can't stand happy men

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 year ago

very pretty girl.. splashes of yellow hue in the background;).. Men try to trap women with children also. . what people need is enough money imo and that largely falls on the govt to do that right.. to just enable freedom and power of the people to build good communities.. I think schools are important... We Americans built a fine country before the wallstreet monster rose up.. My first wife walked,, 26month old still in diapers... I ended up raising and beautiful gf in 4300 sq ft house on 3,25 acres.. the ex would come over to pick up the boys my son wants to show his mom something in his room upstairs.. I am like sure.. heheh.. gawd I can just imagine her thoughts.. my son has a bsce now he doesn't use.. no school debt... his mom took half of our house money and dumped me back in the day.. Imo the money and society should be right so both parties can live .. and then divorce with children should not be accomodated so easily.. afterall they made the decisions,, make them live with it.. naw, wallstreet runs our govt.. they have an agenda.. I am confident the catholics are the globalist cabal. behind it all. They are stealing America for their own.. but America was built not stolen.. I for one say let it fall until it gets back on track.. TIME FOR MASS DEPORTATIONS.. People can fix their own countries.. I have a feeling the globalist cabal will not let them though.. America is not getting better it sucks so bad now compared to what it was in fifties and sixties. . Wallstreet took over everything with their paper debt money puzzle.. I would like t6o see our military fix the govt.. uh Trump said he would give America back to the American people.. that he would deport every person whop came here illegally or overstayed their visa.. so the hor impeached him and put him at the mercy of his own party.. so here we are with a big shit sandwich.. I for one will not go quietly. my friend was talking about cabowabo the other day so I was looking at big sur california.. I think thats mexican territory.. all rich Americans there?. and idiots who think they are doing fine at 60yo driving a truck with no house and no money.. fools.. My Dad had owned 2 houses by the time he was 32.. his generation often had 2 or more houses.. bopats cars.. that America built.. now wallstreet stands in between us and our success.. Trump is against globalism but for wallstreet? really?? THAT doesn't add up as well as the stimulus he don't want us to have because mitch mcconnell is his boss now.. apparently.

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