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Women Can do anything on Twitter Except take a Joke │Vertagear drama

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Published on 23 Jul 2021 / In Comedy

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art by - Suppa Rider


0:00 The age of cowards
0:23 The Ism's
1:20 Act 1 A normal day on twitter
2:05 the meme that was hateful
2:58 Fight the bigots (or go insane)
3:48 the truth is bigoted
5:38 St Jude doesn't need this dirty money
6:04 Dances with jack daniels (total spaz)
7:24 Act 2 Lack of self-awareness
9:24 Henley vs Sophia
11:00 The man who paid 10k for a hug
11:51 Act 3 Apologies are NEVER enough
12:50 America is so good people have gone insane
13:41 The New Kotaku is exactly the same
14:49 This is the twilight zone
15:37 The Uber Karen looking to lose people jobs
17:16 she defeated bigoty
18:29 Bigger issues in the world (you can pay her for being a karen)
20:02 There was no alt Text for the blind... goodnight I'm done.

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sauger1001 12 days ago

Nice to see the original "Joker" in the thumbnail.

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nest006 2 months ago

The entire thing is just grooming other companies to never get in the position of offending the far left, because this is what happens if you do.

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