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Women And Weight

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Published on 03 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Women And Weight

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anonmachina 4 months ago

I do agree that Women should make being overweight or morbidly obese 'socially acceptable'—I accept such Women should be handled with care wherever they are discovered harpooned by the seashore or dead on the common occasion.


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sauger1001 4 months ago

Her diet may contribute to her mental state, even moreso than her fitness, imo. As the saying goes: You are what you eat. Genetically modified, or processed foods have to take their toll on one's body over the long term. I stopped eating ice cream, cake and cookies; very tough addictions to overcome, and so far have lost nearly 20 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks. I thought tobacco, cocaine, speed, and Marijuana were tough. I'm learning that refined sugar is even tougher.

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jordanhenderson 4 months ago

Well done on making the adjustments

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nest006 4 months ago

No doubt there'll be a shaming phobic term for people who don't find gluttons attractive.

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Bagoodman 4 months ago

It's a good video BUUUUTT . ScrooTube ? What just for more MONEY ! It's Like Joining the Communist ! You know there attacking FREE SPEACH Why Give them More Power and Make them More Money .

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