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Woman Shares How BAD Her Dating Life Is On TikTok, Hilarity Ensues

Published on 20 Nov 2022 / In Entertainment

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DutchCobbler 3 months ago

I actually have diagnosed PTSD and MDD, but while I'm not offended that they use the term, I have to make sure people understand when I tell them that what I have is not hyperbole, I'm clinically diagnosed for decades and in therapy for it.

What irritates me is that the people I explain this to don't always understand what the difference is because it's been watered down so much by people like this woman. I don't care what she says about it, but being mistreated by health care professionals like nurses and clinic staff for serious procedures have come to perceive actually PTSD for SJW PTSD, like bubbles and a coloring book are going to help or that I'll be 'triggered' by words.

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Lucifer333 3 months ago

Suffer, fucking suffer,

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Oh fuck - Woman Number 01.


Oh just fucking shut up.

Fingers in ears and leave.

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Mustang 3 months ago

When she said Fernando I automatically thought of the Abba Song. LOL!!!

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