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Woman Gets Rejected By Man @Melli Monaco

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Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

A man rejected a woman at a bar who wanted his number and probably more. She didnt want to accept the rejection and neither did her friends. The man kept it classy and respectful and just explained he isn't ready to settle down yet. Get your money and mind right before you settle down kings, there no rush!

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GhostPlodderES 27 days ago

The look on her face, she DESPISES him. "How dare you reject me, I'm the Queen". Smart man, dodged major bullet.

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sauger1001 28 days ago

Another oldie but goodie. At least she's not plastered with makeup/war paint. The land whale to his right should've butted out. I can be polite, but she didn't have a chance, imo.

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