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Wife Wanted Open Marriage Until Husband Found Someone Better (Now She Wants Him Back)

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Published on 20 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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In today's video I go over an email from a viewer who tells the story of how out of the blue his wife wanted to have an open marriage. This happened after she got a new job and spent a lot of time with her single coworkers. The husband reluctantly agreed to this even though he was against it and hurt. Eventually he met and started dating a woman who treats him like a king...and now his wife (who noticed how happy he is) is starting to treat him like a king and wants to end the open marriage so she can have her husband back all to herself. The husband no longer feels the same way about his wife and is at a crossroads of whether to move on with the other woman or try to fix his marriage.

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Link To Part 2:


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AntiCuck1982 1 month ago

this video is going to become a mgtow classic

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sorearm 2 months ago

So funny

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demo 2 months ago

begone thots

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SQUEAK077 2 months ago

I have been single for a long time miss it all but my god i remember the bs with dating. As they say in police academy .... talk is cheap. Men are sick of the games marriage all men say they take everything in a divorce. I keep telling women i know and renig on giving advice it wont work out being older in my age almost married a few times gone through it all but a divorce men get to a point we say fuck it.

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Bill 2 months ago

I think that his analysis on this one is somewhat poor. Not terrible just poor. However there is still some great advice.

The main part that I thought was terrible advice is when he told the guy to not go along with the open marriage if he didn't want to. I will explain...

When a woman asks for an open marriage she is already cheating and just sick of sneaking around. Regardless of if you say yes or no the fact that she is and will continue to cheat is the real situation. Further women can hide it much better than men so if you think that you are going to try and get some on DL she will figure it out.

My advice is that when your wife asks for an open marriage you do whatever it takes to get her to keep her guard down and then start planning your exit strategy. At the point that she asks for an open relationship your marriage is already over and has been over you are just now finding out about it.

The part where he advises the author to focus on himself and not get married to the new chic is solid advice.

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