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Why Women Play Goofy Games

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 25 Nov 2020 / In Entertainment

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selfworthy 2 months ago

May i suggest to not put your laptop or camera on your lap because people get motion sick on your shaking around.

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anonmachina 2 months ago

I posit one reason a woman will 'play games' is in part due to the man not clearly stating his intentions--from the absolute beginning.

In my life prior to detaching myself from society, I would make myself clear. We could go out, as in, do a thing together (after initial intro [I never cared for the club scene]).

However, I would NOT take her to my apartment, not even 'to pick-up something'.

In that manner, she would know 'we aren't going there to hold hands', also making that explicitly clear.

That would be for the ones I found striking.

Any other would be, well, wherever. And likely only once.

HAZMAT being the prerequisite at present, and my diminishing timeline on this planet, has made it easily to....walk away........again, and again, and....again.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

She wants to know that other women crave you. Then she's winning the competition.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

Kind of unrelated but I've never understood why women get so angry when they're rejected. I'd be curious as to your view on the subject.

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Wolf178 2 months ago

In their minds they think they are all that and any man should bow to them, no matter what they look like, after all men can't resist vaginas. It's a big hit to their ego when they are rejected and they have to turn us into the bad guy to save themselves.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

@Wolf178: Thank you. That makes sense. And I thought I had a giant ego.

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