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Why Women In Your Past Contact You - MGTOW

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Published on 18 Oct 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣Why Women In Your Past Contact You - MGTOW

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Millennial_Monk 1 month ago

Well for one they can't accept wrongdoing. Also during their prime years they build a pool of guys to use for potential backups. Connections. They think a guy they established an emotional bond with in the past will still be open to the idea of getting with her now that she is open and interested. Which really means down on her luck and running out of options. So they find that guy on social media or call, etc. Try to get his involvement which usually fails because it's absolutely fake.

I had this happen to me a few times but the last one was a girl who was very interested in me. She was toxic so I went my own way and lost contact. Years go by and she messaged me on FB one day. She is still single btw... I asked why she messaged me and she said cuz I was her best friend and she cared for me basically. I was just shaking my head. All that time went by and now she want to play cool. The part with her thinking I can't see what she's trying to do made me resent her more. No thank you.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 1 month ago

Because they are disgusting sociopaths

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mensbusiness 23 days ago

Sometimes that may be the case

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Immortal_Liberty 1 month ago

Actually you SHOULD resent women like that who dumped you or who rejected you in their prime. The nerve and audacity for them to then come back. Or if the man dumped them in the past for being horrible. Only evil cunning women will every try going back months or years later to the guy. No, if they had a conscience or any morals, they would avoid that man like the plague for the rest of their life due to guilt and feeling unworthy or knowing he would reject her. If you didn't want me at your best( 16-24 years old), then you don't deserve me at my best(financially secure ,confident,older etc). If you didn't want me at your best, I don't want you at your worst(25+ years old and used up, no pair bonding mechanism, oxytocin production during sex no longer occurring after many partners, mentally broken, old,wrinkly,saggy,used up,plenty women in their mid-20s look horrid and old as dirt, let alone a single mother, and on principle would never take a woman who had her chance and blew it in past). Stop defending evil scumbags, those who return after being dumped or dumping or rejecting you...that ain't biology making them do it, biology only makes them think ''wish I hadn't done that in past,now lost my chance'', but NOT make them actually get in touch with you. That's selfish audacity,arrogance,evil cunningness.

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

Will watch but because they ran out of dick or they got sick of dating men without jobs

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mensbusiness 1 month ago

Those can be reasons

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