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Why Women Don’t Respect The Good Man

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Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs
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deeplydisturbed1 25 days ago

What hurts me to see more than just about anything else is this. JUUUUST when Barack Obama became President, and Oprah was one of the richest PEOPLE in America - plus Shaq, Jordan, Kanye, Beyonce, and a hundred other SUPER famous black people leveled up. Just as black people had barriers removed so they had about the best chances in all of US history to move forward socio-economically, the powers that be said "Not so fast. This system is RACIST and misogynistic. You need to break this system"

And millions of black Americans said "Okay"

And here we are. How fucking horribly sad is that. Let this rattle around in your brain. And once you see how fucking evil it is to do such a thing, as yourself "QUI!" Who is doing this? That's when things become clearer. Decide for yourself.

And thanks StEvrst. Keep up the great content. Check out TRP.RED.

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InfiniteMushroom 26 days ago

It was only 50-70 years ago that Black men were working in factories and making good money. There were a lot more married Black men back then than now. Many (but not all) Black women were smart enough to know the value of a working man. Hell, even a city bus driver was making a regular paycheck and a lot of Black men worked as drivers.

What happened??? JEWS. Jews started pumping wild ideas into Black heads and they all fell for it. Especially the Sistas who really got their heads crammed full of what Jews think Black culture should be like. It all got going in the early 1980's after the Jew Kikes canonized Martin Luther King into sainthood and fabricated a wildly inflated storyline about him that had little to no truth in it. The entire NOI / HOTEP fantasy was 100% fabricated by JEWS and filtered down through Black Muslims.

Because the Jew projection of Black life only created more dysfunction, then Gangsta rap and all the trappings came into being. Jews latched onto it and used it to punish Whites who had nothing to do with the dysfunction of the Black communitah.

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