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Why Romanians Hate Indian People

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Published on 05 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs


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sirte1965 2 months ago

India is made out of four traditional castes: the brahmins, the kshatriyas, the vaishyas and the shudras. Brahmins are the priestly classes, kshatriyas are warriors, vaishyas are merchants and tradesmen, while shudras were the manual labor. Who else was there? The untouchables = the outcasts (out of the cast, casted out). The Romani of Europe descend from the caste-less folk who made money through theft, street performance, magic or ended up as slaves. The Romani were descended from caste-less nomads in Gujarat and moved gradually westwards. They were used as slaves by Turks in Central Asia as late as the 19th century. When they stole, they would not have their hands cut off but rather their "owner' would pay a fine. The name "Rom" or "Dom" I think meant "person" in their language, so it stuck. They are called "gypsies" but it's a misnomer. It comes from a misconception in Europe that these people descend from Egyptians (not true). This became a meme in Macedonia where Albanian-speaking romanis falsely claim to be descendants of ancient Egyptians because Albanians used to call them "gjiptani" thinking they arrived from Egypt.

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brownzombie 3 months ago

i think that this guy aka YOGIOABS , a CONVERTED CHRISTIAN is not the face of all indian men, there are some like me as well who are light years away from his TRADCUCK/PUA mindset

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sauger1001 3 months ago


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csehszlovakze 3 months ago

so Amr, you got the politically correct warning. in reality, they're a lot worse than the worst ghetto niggers you have heard about. the 13/52 % you have in the USA? in Hungary, it's 9/66 %. no idea what the ratio of gypsy criminals is over there, find a couple right wingers who won't sugarcoat the situation.

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Johnny_Cage 2 months ago

Thank you! I'm an inteligent Black MGTOW here in America, and I grew up to hate the ghetto Black 'niggers'. I've met Roma and Eastern European slavic peoples, and those Balkan and Slavic peoples seemed to be even worse than the ghetto Blacks. At least most ghetto Blacks have potential [if they are in a good environment and household], but many of the Eastern European people were just naturally dirty, stupid, and just wicked, malevolent people. Especially the gypsies and Turkic-mixed Balkan people. They're just constant liars, have no real sense of humor, no athletic potential, and no true creativity or ambition to aspire to anything [except scam and trick and lie to people]. I NEVER want to deal with those types of ethnicities again. They're as bad as Indians and Arabs, and much worse in a [lack of] culture sense.

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hqwebsite 3 months ago

The Romani has been in the scam business for a very long time...

...and yet some white people continue to be mesmerized by their crystal ball.

Even Disney portrays them as good people.

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