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Why Most Red Pill/MGTOW Creators Are Leading Men To Slaughter

Red Pill Men's Health
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Published on 14 Oct 2020 / In News & Politics

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mrghoster 3 days ago

MGTOW or RED PILL is about your self Activation or Actualization. I've been a MGTOW Monk for a long time now I was married once, it was a massive mistake I will never repeat again. I am NOW so "Indifferent" to anything to do with females and women, that I no longer even notice them anymore, but I do like watching content even if it is just for a laugh and boy do women make me laugh these day's (For all the wrong reason's)! lol!

I use logic and rationale when I leave a comment and the likes I get are massive. just knowing that a little common sense or a polite WARNING can save ANY Guy from a life of misery tell's ME I'm doing something right by being a pure MGTOW Monkj. Peace.

PS. the Irony I have found is women sadly for me are attracted to my rejection of them, BUT still it won't sway me back to the pussy farm. i think MGTOW and being very RED PILL is in my DNA now and I have no problem with it. whereas women's vagina's have Mr Alpha Bad Boy's DNA up her CUNT! lol!

We are living in exciting times if you stand back and take a personal and truly Independent MGTOW look at life? We are past the point of no return with the Gaussian Curve and moving away from the old and creating your own new in the midst of tyranny will be your savior as a MAN. I also was never an INCEL, I gave it all up because of feminism and womens attitude and STD's that fortunately I have never had, and that is something alone to be proud of, having never been infected with the female filth they spread.

Do i hate women? Nah!they are to pathetic. If I were to feel anything ever again for a women it would probably be Pity, but being "Indifferent" to them Why should I give a fuck any more. Once a Dog bite you then have it put down, the same goes for relationSHIT's with females. Peace.

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satcomer 6 days ago

Now in West don’t even date a girl! In some Western countries Family Courts have spanked Men whom was in relationship for others kids of hers!

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rwf111 17 days ago

Yea yea, we know that to attract women its good to be Chad or Tyrone. Reason why many men goes they own way is because of law, not because they cant attract women. Its dangerous nowaday to be intimate, you can end up in jail or pays huge alimony no matter how alpha dude you are.

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Bobtheman1991 20 days ago

OK Mr PUA...Get the f'$#& out of mgtow!!!

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rwf111 17 days ago

Calm down, let a hundred flowers blossom

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FL_Steve 24 days ago

Thank you for pointing out that is it IMPOSSIBLE to have a red-pilled marriage. I've seen some content creators talk about how you have to "game" your wife. That is absurd. You can't continually game your wife. Rich "buy my piss soap" Cooper once interviewed a guy who wrote a book about how to be alpha in marriage. It turned out the guy had been cucked by his wife and actually stayed with her. That's the least alpha thing he could have done, but here he was giving advice on the internet. Unbelievable!

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GarudaGhost 23 days ago

Good points , I also think that most content creators are lying about their lifes , they are just making up stories so that they can make a video about it

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GarudaGhost 26 days ago

Good video , I also think that most MGTOW's on the internet are NOT MGTOW , lets be honest
And most guys that are claiming to be red pilled they are trying to change the reality with their knowledge and that is NOT red pilled

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zarroth 30 days ago

MGTOW aren't teaching that stuff, at least, not legitimate MGTOW. However, I am a little sick of the red-pillers lately as well. They need to understand that while women are doing horrid things, there's no question about that, but they couldn't if they weren't participating in it. It's sort of like they're the hippies of the 60's. Praised for the high moral standards, except that's not what the hippies were. The hippies were the drug addict garbage of humanity that used 'protesting' as a means to get laid while high. It's not any different from what I see the PUA types doing, and also the red-piller pump and dump types. They really are hypocrites because they talk about how these aren't good women, but they aren't good men by that same standard, which de-legitimizes their arguments. Both sides have to become better here, and MGTOW is the only way that I see that happening, since they are checking out of this bullshit altogether, which forces changes into the other side of the game. They have to meet us halfway, or be persona non-grata.

Undead Chronic, I have nothing against him, but he's a good example of this. Talks about getting high and pump and dumping in his 'roasts', which are super repetitive. Yah we get it, you have no new material, but it's just dumb as hell that so many people follow the nonsense coming out of his mouth. He isn't wrong about female nature, but he also doesn't take any responsibility for his role in what is happening. Yep, I get it, he's smoking and getting laid. That's all he cares about, but that's also why I see him as being pathetic. Lots of red-pill types are like him, at least, the vocal ones. It's disgusting to me. I want a better world, not a he said/she said warzone filled one and frankly, red-pillers that pump and dump are in the way of that happening.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

Caged bird, or does your smoke alarm need batteries? LMAO!

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Mitch3l 3 months ago

Thanks for the warning because I certainly fit the description. Son of a single mother, bullied at shool, self esteem in the drain at that time so never had the courage to approach women and learn to deal with rejection when I was a teenager. Guys who miss that window usually never succeed afterward so I end up with low quality women because it's the only ones who can't say no to me since I'm so higher than them on the smv scale. Still, they can make my life a living hell. Got a doll and it's the best thing that happened to me. May not be for everybody but it's totally for me. With my beta foundation, I'm still only a blow job away from the plantation so thank you for reminding me to be carefull not to fall back in the illusion

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ExperimentalGroup 1 month ago

I think also boss that grow up in shingle mother homes never really get the nurturing element of a mother, so they end up in this redundancy loop of searching for that in a relationship. And it’s sad, because of you didn’t get it there you probably aren’t going to get it. And when you search for it within a relationship, women lose respect for you and dump you or exploit you . Then your self esteem tanks again.

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Clavius 3 months ago

the fuck you have there?
a fan? get the birds free. the fuck you doing having birds in a cage?

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Clavius 3 months ago

@Hostuder fuck off.

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KEEPER 3 months ago

Part of the problem is PUA'S tradcucks come into this space because their just trying to make easy money off of gullable men who end up following their advice, the PUA cares not if that man is accused of rape, they only care about money.

They could give a fuck about a man's life.

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KEEPER 3 months ago

Some of these creators who are PUA throw the click bait MGTOW in the title, but they teach the opposite of MGTOW by preaching PUA.

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Johnny_Cage 3 months ago

@Sentient_Of_Truth: Yep, like Ronin Man and Mr. Elite and others.

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Johnny_Cage 14 days ago

@napida2182: Stop fucking spamming shit. The peoplew ho run this site can see your iP address; don't get permanently banned from this site.

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revelationkjv 3 months ago


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