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why modern women are done for... (response to my girlfriend)

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Published on 03 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Creampieminator 17 days ago

Feminism took over Philippines almost entirely. this is the reason I stop creampieing pussies there. too dangerous now.

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libertyanyday 17 days ago

Olongapo , 1988.......... females that KNOW how to treat a MAN.

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hndsoff 18 days ago

This dude is retarded, he thinks that woman is using logic, how can the Philippines have a surplus of women, did alot of Filipino men suddenly just disappear, so basically western men are raising the smv of filipino women by raising their value in the local marriage market which the filipino men cannot compete with since americans have the home advantage of the dollar. This woman is same as every other, she doesnt care about her local men and is throwing them under the bus as usual. Also, this guy is stupid, he agreed that men and women are equal, they are not and never were and never can be. This is what people think logical arguments are when all the premises are lies and invalid.

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AtillaTheHung 19 days ago

I've lived in Thailand and traveled to many SE Asian countries and I tell you that women are pretty much the same wherever you go. Asian women appear to come of demure and pleasing but as soon as they get you to marry them they can be evil little demons. The difference between Western women is their delusional and fucked up from the get-go whereas Asian women know they have to put on some game for a long period of time to get what they want.

Never marry any woman and just enjoy them in on your time and at your pace until it's time to eject them from your life. If you do that you'll have a variety-filled life with many women who will bend over backwards to try and win you over, and that's how it should be.

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DutchCobbler 20 days ago

The very instant anyone, man or woman, says something like "feminism was about equality" or "feminism has been changed from equal rights to man bashing" whatever they're about to say after that is irrelevant. Feminism was never about equality, it doesn't and has never been about women's rights. The civil rights movement was about those things, and most of those rights women say they lacked were dealt with definitively in the 60s in the USA. VAWA, KillAllMen, MeTo: none of that is about equal anything, but all of that was because of feminism.

Saying that feminism served a purpose once is an admission of ignorance or an attempt to pander. Either way, I can't respect that.

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