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Why MGTOW Don't Do What Women Say

Published on 22 May 2020 / In Entertainment


⁣This video is about what happens when you listen to a woman when she tries to change you and why that is abusive.

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AngryCoffee 4 days ago

Want to know why real men never do what women tell them to ? Because those godless creations of Satan that exist in the female from are godless uncaring and think they are men and as well as power hungry and do not give a shit for innocent lives and cannot to save themselves think about what the choices these harpies make and the consequences and how it effects others. Men real man mind you do not by God's good grace with a good solid name and knowing the difference of right and wrong and whom read the bible know that men are not made by nature to be told what to do. No no it is the opposite. If you ever listen to a woman then do not be alarmed if the consequences of obeying a woman like a good little beta cuck fall upon you.

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