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Why MGTOW's Don't Like PUA's

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 16 Jul 2021 / In Entertainment

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GoogleSucks 3 months ago

The first time I heard a PUA call a MGTOW a "scammer" my jaw dropped almost to the floor. This is some of the most astounding psychological projection out there, and in Clown World, this is saying a whole hell of a lot. I mean, PUAs are outright snake oil selling frauds; even the ones who don't sell soap and other shit like that still pitch fraud at trollops when the apply PUA deception -- and yet they call others "scammers" with a straight face, apparently without any self-awareness at all. Truly amazing.

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

They are borrowing the Jewish psy-op tactic of throwing out the most outrageous accusations against their enemies. The kind that leaves one flabbergasted and not knowing how to respond. Learn the Jewish insult game and you'll be able to fire back on the fly with equally outrageous insults.

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