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Why Do They Date Jerks? (Analysis) PART 2

Casual Bachelor
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Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Why Do They Date Jerks? (Analysis)

⁣#Analysis #CasualBachelor #Ask

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sauger1001 2 months ago

Just more proof that waahmen's wants and needs, can change with the direction of the wind. A firm man's attitude can either offer a stable foundation, or keep them on the "Carousel".

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sauger1001 2 months ago

00:34. More like 41, not 31, imo.

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Mustang 2 months ago

What movie is that clip from at the end???

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calee4nyaboy 2 months ago

The clip mentioned "John Conner" so I'm assuming the movie is Terminator as that was the main characters name.

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Zalix512 3 months ago

The good guys who are Cucks maybe.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 3 months ago

Because of they were conditioned by abusive households usually from both abusive parents or feminism, Maybe both.

Though Feminism made it way worse.

Abusive parents create abusive bitches who’d try to take their parents abuse out on other men.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for women like that, I don’t care if their mommy treated them like shit, I don’t care if their daddy physically, Emotionally, Verbally or even sexually abused them, I don’t care about those kinds of bitches. They deserved it....

As MeanGirls, they are the mothers of Mary Sue’s AKA The precursors of feminism.

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sorearm 3 months ago

And all these chicks are average at best. Don't be a thirsty simp, women aren't worth it

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SchemeHub 3 months ago

They are all lying, blatantly. It's evident by how they look at each other when talking, tone of voice, dragged out pause. Why do men even contemplate this, they want the ''bad guy'', which is perhaps the good guy in reality? Shocker. After marriage or after the wall, they always want what tames them best. A nice guy is 1000% conditioned by the surrounding women/ woman society to be a mega cuck simp.

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jimmyy21 3 months ago

When do girls stop dating the bad boys. "yeah our age 21, 22" BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.

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Blitz Driver
Blitz Driver 3 months ago

Maintaining frame is just treating her always like you have options.

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Casual Bachelor
Casual Bachelor 3 months ago

Abundance mindset?

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BigLadGreen 3 months ago

I just cant be assed with that fakery, I dont have loads of women and i shouldnt have to pretend that i have loads, just to get a bottom of the barrel leftover.

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