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Who's More Human, Men or Women?

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 22 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

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Takingastand 27 days ago

Men of course, we built,protect,die for this world. Women only benefit from what we did for them and they're
ungreatful for it. Women have this idea that they should rule the earth, what a disaster that would be, with in
a day or two it would be falling apart!

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Gonzo17ab 27 days ago

Its acceptable what you allow. Reject the nonsense and live for yourself. Women aren't what they used to be and unfortunately men are not manly anymore. Just a few of us are not weak.

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DutchCobbler 27 days ago

Even harder when maculinity is being villified and criminalized. It's not as much what men aren't as much as it is what men aren't allowed to be.

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Gonzo17ab 26 days ago

@DutchCobbler: true we live in strange times

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Maxxx 20 days ago

Men & women have had their cores attacked, altered & manipulated since birth & even preconception.

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Gonzo17ab 20 days ago

@Maxxx: we have to be strong and resist. Winter is coming, hang on brothers.

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DutchCobbler 27 days ago

Women fight, cry, protest, sex strike, and otherwise fight tooth and nail for the 'right' to kill their own young in the womb.
Men are trying to stop this.

Who's more human? You decide.

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AlexM209 27 days ago

I've been enjoying the 1 minute videos. But I still like the regular videos as well.

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