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Where Red Pill Rage Comes From

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 30 Nov 2020 / In Entertainment

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sigma_sign 2 months ago

The reason it's so effective is because it is so true. People were literally sold a delusion at the expense of men's lives. For me, now, I am now adjusting to the fact women are who they are. They want what they want, they don't understand efficiency or principles; only men can give them that. They are children and must be looked over.

Now that I am in my mid twenties, I realize now that women will expect me to do things for them for free, and receive no compensation. I have the demeanor of a nice guy because that's who I was, but women literally feel entitled to your labor. There is no cure or fix, there is only taking care of myself and demanding deals.

I remember at my last job, when I was grilling people for their incompetence, the female managers actually approached me about dating this girl because her boyfriend scared her. The female they wanted to pass onto me was a huge liability, and most of the cause of my problems at the job. When they saw me stand for myself, they didn't decide to make a fair deal, they wanted to literally pass their problem onto me to take on without pay. I asked what do I get for rescuing her from her abusive boyfriend, and there was no answer. When women see a good man, they literally want freebies. Now I am realizing that is all women and there is nothing I can do about it. We need society to be made so that these issues do not occur where women's instincts do not run their life, because most if not all will go to the aggressive guy, get traumatized, then come back to a decent guy asking for a freebie. That is literally 99.9% of women of any faith.

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Johnny_Cage 18 days ago

I've never seen a comment like this explainng EXACTLY what happned to me in high schol. Only the girl I was being pushed to be with was very stupid and probably retarded. She was pretty, but I hate stupidity in females. Other than entitlement/narcissism/egotism, stupidity is my next most-hated trait in women. After stupidity is anger/rage. But people acted like I HAD to date/fuck/hook up with her because I was the only Black kid in the AP/Advanced Placement classes in my class year/level. When I pressed all the females AND males about the real reason they wanted me to date, they [when I got them into a group at lunchtime] pretty much admitted that she "belonged with the Black guy." Lol I got angry, but kept my visible cool; I told them it will never happen because I look way better than her and am WAY smarter than her. She was a wealthy, dumb girl that used her parents' money and connections to keep her [unfairly] from getting kicked from the gifted/advanced class rung. That shit burned me up for the longest time, and I really began to see how much racism there was beneath the surface even in suburban, 'modern' central Florida. But I learned as I got older that the South is just going to hold onto that shit due to its history, ignorance, and stubborn antequated culture.

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sigma_sign 16 days ago

@Johnny_Cage: It's a cold world. In the west, people are made to believe black people LIKE eating trash. Because whites don't like to admit that the past was messed up, they want to create a narrative in which black people love eating trash. If the narrative was that we were forced to take crap against our will, and still take crap, it means they are complicit. I believe you are familiar the creation of messed-up narratives to fulfill some purpose. Blacks are the garbage disposals of society. We take the crumbs that fall off the table and we are supposed to be happy, because, you know, that's what we do.

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