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Where Are All The Good Men: 'Liberated' Women Are Ruined

Published on 26 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation


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Madrigal Publishing Ltd

Imagine how cool it would be to say these bitches "Yeah, I really enjoyed beating the living crap out of every woman I dated , but with you I'm going to be a nice guy". Same logic, you dumbass whore!

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wroger_wroger 2 months ago

Gwen is a retarded cunt.

"I was in a sexually liberated alternative community" - BY CHOICE.

"They were used by the guys" and the men were used by the WOMEN.

The women fucked all the guys, until they became OLD and INFERTILE, then they were non functional breeders, and they got phased out and replaced.

No man and no children and have reached their genetic expiry date - they chose this, they fucked up their lives and well, that is just too fucking bad isn't it.

However as long as what they choose to do, is NEVER their fault, they think they can cheat time and life and then avoid fading away into the mists of time....

Fuck them.

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onlypinhead2000 2 months ago

The majority of these "liberated" women have become so mentally damaged that they're impossible to date.

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