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When To Walk Away From It All

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 25 Oct 2021 / In Entertainment

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anonmachina 1 month ago

I concur.

I walked away from my career...eons ago.

That the job paid well, that the prospect for a higher position was easuly within my grasp, that I enjoyed perks commonly not enjoyed by most government employees...none of those things could entice me to continue. (I left immediately after completing the minimum required time to secure a retirement pension [that was an error—the time I expended was incalculably more valuable..time I could have used to invest in what has taken me two decades—and most of my health and vitality—to even approach anywhere near completion a project for a vision I hold most dear]).

The position was no longer a position, but two—the first comprised the execution of my duties, the second comprised defending myself from the band of narcissists that was my immediate supervisor, the administration, and...the union.

BCSE, DCF, etc.,—all government agencies are infected with narcissists. I would not want to be in that agency at present—the environ was akin to psychological torture of the most grave extent.

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Generationless 1 month ago

The best time to look for a job is when you already have one.

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BIGLOAD 1 month ago

Lovely Creatures . . . Dreadful Humans.

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