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When They Hit The Wall They Will Start Taking Anything Demi Lovato

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Published on 02 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Demi Lovato

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JoeMamaIsCool 7 months ago


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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 7 months ago

Joe Rogan is such a blue betamon.
Smart guy, but ffs, that guy is fucking blind.

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sithsith 7 months ago

Is Demi Lovawhore taking horse cock, after all she loves anything!!
Why not zoophilia!!!

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Drums_McBashington 7 months ago

Women understand the only thing they offer the world worth any value, is the pussy.
It's the reason everything is sexual. They are unable to think in any other capacity or measurement.
It's the first and only thing they do to anything they touch. Nothing is original, from women. It's just something that men did already, now with 100% more tits. Everything. Music, art, sports, every aspect of culture is sexualized by women. They will become more irrational as time goes on, and more men tune out. The corner they've put themselves in, will become more apparent as the room empties of men. Animals in corners are dangerous animals. Men will have to raise their guards, and use their brains a little more, in this future. Pushing to make 'misogyny' illegal should be a pretty good indication of what I'm talking about. How do they intend to prove how one feels about something in a court of law? With more feelings, of course. The government will provide, but only certain things. The government does not "date". Does not "woo", or shower them with silly gifts and devoted attention. The government isn't trying to get into their pants. No silly yes/no games with them. Women will never have the security they feel with men, from the government, as they will never have the government's child. Children are the means with which they take advantage of human male's natural hard wired traits. Protection and provision for the weak and vulnerable. Family courts use the same tactics. It's why they give the kids to the one that can't provide those things. Force all kinds of edicts on the father knowing he's hard wired this way, and will step up. It's why MGTOW threatens so much, they know that MGTOW figured out the game, and are dropping their traditional roles, views, and freeing themselves of these obligations. They understand how they have and are, been/being played. Children are optional to women. A tool to use to get their way. "Mother's Love" is not hard wired into women. They abandon them, murder them, march in the streets demanding the "right" to do so. They will often choose themselves over their children. Men will drown, trying to save someone's dog.

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awol201 7 months ago

The truth in this statement, especially the last sentence, is so simple , yet profound , that it brought me to tears and laughter simultaneously.

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Mustang 7 months ago

#1. Demi is part of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry and their values do not represent my values or America's values. Because of that, I just dont care what she thinks.
#2. I have never been able to understand people's desire to share the most intimate details of their lives with the whole freaking World.
#3. Dear Demi, if you are Born-Again, please understand that God condemns the sinful practice of Homosexuality and says that all those who practice it WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!! You need to repent of your sinful actions and attitude and ask Jesus to forgive you. If you are not Born-Again, you need to understand the Gospel, count the cost of coming to Jesus, confess that you are a Sinner and repent of that sin, then pray to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. It is my prayer that you do.

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