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when shes single for too long...

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Published on 14 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs

When christian girls are single for too long...

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 5 months ago

she's looking for the top 1% of 1%

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Mustang 5 months ago

There is nothing wrong with being alone. Jesus often sought times of being alone to pray and seek The Father.
God says in His Word that marriage is a choice and if you get married, you will have more headaches, hassles, and problems.
God also says if you are serious about serving Jesus you should stay single. But The Church has it assbackwards. They portray marriage as normal and singleness as weird and strange and freakishness!!!
I am also convinced that tons of my fellow Christians get married when God wanted them to be single. Therefore, a lot of Christians are out of God's will for their lives.
A lot of my fellow Christians will discover that marriage and sex is extremely overrated.

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JourneyOfSagehood 5 months ago

yeah, i think when the dollar collaspes, ALOT of christian girls will divorce and they will be in a world of hurt, :( oh well XD

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InfiniteMushroom 5 months ago

Churches are slammed full of Jezebels, Liliths, and cucks. Close 'em down. We haven't seen legitimate Christianity in the West in two centuries, at least. Zionists and crackpots crept into the churches in the 19th century and the rot continued until the 1960's when it became JEWdeo-Xtianity. It went from being merely rotten to being malignant.

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Oh god no, women who talk to a mythical jewish zombie in low earth by telepathy via the magic power cross's on the wall....

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4_ArchAngel 5 months ago

In days gone by these super-cute girls got very few dates. They looked so good that the guys were scared off. If you, as a guy, made the mistake of taking them out - EVERY - guy on earth suddenly started hitting on them. In time the chicks hypergamy kicks in, and......"she gone?!".

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