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When Black Male “Lames” Sound Like Dark Skinned Women | Ciara, Russell Wilson & Slim Thug Part 2

Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In Film & Animation

educated lames

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 13 days ago

OMG.............. LOL This ho must be dizzy from talking herself in circles. I'm gonna respond.

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Maxxx 13 days ago

This ho actin. Only simps fall for the act.

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Kamisama7 13 days ago

Literally no nigga (or let's be nice 98% of us black men) does what shes even talking about to black women. That's just some hardcore fuckingmental gymnastics right there. Probably projection.

God it makes wish she wasn't pretending to be smart

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Kamisama7 14 days ago

Oh this woman is dumb dumb.

"They want to be first choice."
*Rapidly back flips into*
"We also want to be first choice when it comes to us and light skinned or different race women."

Does that make any sense at all. Is it normal for a point to fly so fucking far over someone heads how those things are not comparable? It's not even the main reason.

The main reason is You can't expect to be first choice after riding on the cock carousel and possibly coming back with kids to finally want to "settle down".

This is why I can't f with black women I swear. (Even though honestly that's more of a woman thing in general)

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