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What Value Do Men Add To Women That They Don't Already Have?

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Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

What Value Do Men Add To Women That They Don't Already Have?

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PRICK 30 days ago

I don't bring anything of value to you, and I don't want to, nor do I want anything from you.

Men however bring oil, gasoline, and electricity to society, and do all the dirty difficult work that women don't want to do.

This woman is wgtow. She's figured out why men are walking away, and applied mgtow reasoning to herself.

Of course if she needs dick, or gets pregnant, and needs someone to pay the bills while she deals with a child, or she just gets tired of working her life away like men do, then she'll be asking "Where are all the good men?"

More power to ya honey. If you can live without men, and be happy about it, as I can live happily without women invading my peace, and taking my resources, then good for you, I wish more/all women were like you.

   1    0
Maxxx 1 month ago

Lol na these females don't want to learn anything from a man because they got it all figured out already, can't tell them nothing!

   1    0
The Spartan
The Spartan 1 month ago

Why the whole explanation, he should've ended the video at 1:50 - done!

   3    0
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