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What is the price of your dignity?

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 15 Nov 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣What is the price of your dignity?

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mrghoster 2 months ago

One of life's cockroaches makes a lot of NEW friends! lol!

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hurgfer 2 months ago

Teste da verdade com mulheres: Cada mentira cai um bicho!
Resultado do teste: Mesmo recebendo a punição por não estar falando a verdade ela tenta convencer, a todos, que está falando só verdades!

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Lestat_Cowalski 2 months ago

No caso de mulheres e manginas, o preço é R$ 0,00.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

I don't think there's enough money in the world to buy my dignity.

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KEEPER 2 months ago

before watching this, i thought they were going to dump something stupid on her like chocolate because she's a fattie. and that torture comes in all forms lol. but i wonder if they have ever had someone have a heart attack on these shows due to this kind of content happening to them?

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Ultra Chad
Ultra Chad 2 months ago

they never had it, at least know they are being paid for it hahaha lets enjoy the circus

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