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Published on 30 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Maxxx 16 days ago

This is well known among latin community & south america already.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

European tourists come here and it blows their minds how much food is piled in front of them in a typical restaurant. I explained it to them this way:

In Europe, they get small servings so the restaurant doesn't have to have to maintain so much food in stock. Small servings are easier to prepare and get out to the tables. Gluttony is still shamed over there and the portion sizes reflect that.

In the U.S, the restaurants want every table to be paying at least $15 per person. That means double portions whether you want it or not. Double portions to the person dining but, it doesn't mean double the food cost to the restaurant. Huge portions mean bigger profits. The restaurants don't want table time wasted on frugal diners. The table for two patrons that paid $20 total is not as good as the same table forking out $30-$40 in the same time frame.

The U.S. system is insanely wasteful. Whether the excess food is left behind or you take it home for the dog, doesn't matter. The restaurant got more out of you than a European cafe would have.

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jim bennett
jim bennett 2 months ago

Awesome.. equal parts lemon juice and sugar,, mixed with water makes lemonade.. then reduce sugar to taste..

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