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We don't care about your ASS miss PIG

Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW
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Published on 27 Jun 2020 / In Comedy

⁣We don't care about your ASS miss PIG

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mikesme 5 days ago

Good lord is that funny. HAHAHAHAHA

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kick25ss 13 days ago


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Toki 16 days ago

Clown is wearing a burqa because the TV told her to. Facepalm.

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kyle smith
kyle smith 16 days ago

yet another reason to take the red pill even more

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NorthPassion3 16 days ago

To be fair, they thought your face was an ass.

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Joemama 17 days ago

LOL thats all I need to say.

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James Spier
James Spier 17 days ago

Stupid whore. It's probably because you've already hit the wall and no one wants any of that "Juicy" (probably looks like a bag of rocks) ass.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 17 days ago

Honk Honk

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SQUEAK077 17 days ago

She is living in the wrong decade. Maybe in the early 90s it was a thing now men know the game. My first real father was tom leykis in the late 90s my fiance hated him refused for me to even have him on she cheated still married 3 sons later could never have that girl she wanted fat ass big arms now womens stock go down i will never own anything now i have a cabin i am working on and i am sitting on 40 acres ALL PAID FOR free n clear!!!

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Menwalkaway 17 days ago

Aww does the Tubby bitch feel bad ......

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BitHound 18 days ago

Attention WHORE alert........

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Max Bishop
Max Bishop 18 days ago

What a cunt.

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Councilof1 18 days ago

This is fucking hilarious. What a fucking idiot.

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Lestat_Cowalski 18 days ago

Por falar em se importar: eu não me importo com teu choro! kkkkkkkkkkkk

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hurgfer 18 days ago

Criança mimada querendo atenção!

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Arealgoodusername 18 days ago

Women: "I've never been so broken, no one looked at my ass."

Also Women: "You looked at my ass? That's sexual harassment! Time to post it on #Metoo"

Welcome to the new world you helped create ladies. Get used to being completely ghosted.

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Menwalkaway 17 days ago


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Radical_panda 18 days ago

even ignoring women makes em more mad at you than if you said hi guess gotta ban women then

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