Our platform suffered two major DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks in the past week. Long story short, someone wants us gone. We are working hard to mitigate future recurrence of this event. Thank you for your understanding.


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Published on 21 May 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

share this to the whole website!!!

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TheNarcsEnemy 4 days ago

To the creators: on the Android app any likes also show up as dislikes (or did 12 hours ago). Most videos only play for a minute or so on Firefox on Linux before they freeze. Not sure if you can help me fix that... I've ended up reinstalling my whole distro just to try and fix it.

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RVMGTOW 4 days ago

We are the dick up their asses and we are growing and they cannot pull it out.
I do NOT click any comment links. They cannot track you that way

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Yaratu 4 days ago

the need of truth denial is real.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 5 days ago

What the heck, You’ve got to be kidding me! One of is the big reasons are because we spread too much truth + we are very vocal about it and we need to be. Hopefully this attack is just temporarily and not such big of a deal. Damn if anything catastrophic happens to this site. Then we will start a major lawsuit and take it to the Supreme Court and DOJ, Whitehouse and other government justice systems that are willing to take our side. Perhaps this could be an attack Perhaps this could be an attack from the DEEP STATE because we sharing stuff about them they don’t want us to share anywhere. That could be why.

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Username 5 days ago

Thanks for the video. There are a lot of people who think MGTOW either hate women or are a bunch of dangerous incels. They can't wrap their head around men who don't want to co-habitate with, or marry, a woman.

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