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Warning to the Church

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Published on 13 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

me giving a much needed warning to the churches of USA.....it will fall on deaf ears oh well....

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MrA_H0Ie 6 months ago

Belief in a god will not save your ass when you're a pussy and you're not willing to go the whole way taking the Bible seriously when you are told in there that men have to have legal authority over women.

Are you willing to take up arms against the government and the 88% of pussy whipped men who think women don't have too many privileges? Are you willing to take away women's UNEARNED rights?

Or are you one of those 88% of morons who think women should have even more rights or that they have just the right level of rights?

You sound to me like one of those pussy whipped cucks who complain about people not believing in god, but they always complain about some utterly non-consequential BS like you do here, fuckin' trannies... fuck's sake...

There are less than 1% trannies. 51% of the population are WOMEN. Men like you, who focus on the side issues, NOT the main problem, you are the reason why your religion became UNSTABLE.

You got distracted. The main problem is that YOU LET WOMEN DANCE ON YOUR HEAD. What does your bible tell you about who should be in charge in your family? Hm? Where in the fuck does it say in the bible that women should be allowed to control everything about every men's life?

Get the fuck out of here. Clean up your priorities.

BTW I don't believe in any religion, but sure as hell you don't take your religion seriously either.
You just pretend, you play the role, but you'll NEVER act on what the bible tells you about LEGAL authority of men in families.

And how would you even do it? Even if you can drum up a few people who take it seriously, what would you do? Create a no go zone?

Bullshit. You don't have the balls for that. You complain about a fucking sideline issue. Trannies. You have no clue where the real problem is. It's in your mindset.

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Meet with like minded Bible believers. Most churches fail to encourage people to read the Bible. If people read there Bibles, they would not stand for the way churches are.

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Sentient_Of_Truth 8 months ago

i left the Mormon church for much of the same reasons.
i mean i left when they decided to work in favor of forced immigration. they accepted this without a thought. and the members of the church just went with it because what would Jesus do. these ppl are stupid and only change their position if it resonates with the majority of the population at large.

it's the same shit we get with the democrats. but i also left because i noticed how they blatantly ignore the scriptures that they allegedly follow when it comes to patriarchy. it's all pretend patriarchy it's just a show to keep the men there. but the men have no authority and all responsibility.

you simply can't have one without the other in today's christian churches.
i know the saying you don't judge the church by what the ppl do. but the ppl are how it holds it's power and hold over the active members. so you can't tell me this hogwash it's not the churches fault if the majority of the members instill these beliefs and are never questioned on it.

this also means there is no reasoning with it's members and you might as well walk away. they can blame themselves for misdirecting the members away from the official tenets of the church.

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ChroniclesofAJ 9 months ago

Churches are gynocentric now

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Hagbard138 8 months ago

I heard this neo-Con Jew by the name of Dennis Prager make an incredibly valid claim. He said that the Black Church was largely matriarchal and pastors in the Black Church were unwilling to call out Black Women for their behavior (i.e. being single mothers). Go to any White Megachurch, and you will see the same thing. The pastors aren't willing to shame these broads for riding the cock carousel or becoming single mothers. They will however, congratulate them for "Choosing Life" . These pastors are only too happy to shame men for looking at porn or not "Manning Up" and marrying single mothers in the church.

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ChroniclesofAJ 8 months ago

@Hagbard138: u got it hypocrisy at its best

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Hagbard138 8 months ago

@ChroniclesofAJ: That is why men are voting with their feet.

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