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Walking Around The Inside Of The Black Church In Brasov Romania


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Published on 04 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs


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InfiniteMushroom 9 months ago

One can marvel at the magnificence of WHITE creative power in these churches. It could also be said that these churches are a magnificent WASTE of that same WHITE creative power! All of these European churches built in honor of a crypto-Jewish invention, Christianity and the most hated rabbi in all of Judaism, Jeebus.

If you wanted a spiritually unprotected nation to adopt the most absurd religion possible, you'd invent something that revolved around a man you HATED. Around him you build a feminine (and delusional core), called The Sermon On The Mount. Love your enemies and do good to those who despise you while hating your parents and kin or you cannot be his disciple...... RIIIIGHT! Pile on centuries of apologetics and lame excuses. But, always leave a theological back door for the (((authors))) of this disgusting religion to come in and infiltrate when conditions are right.

Medieval Christianity had a proper loathing of Jews but, the religion itself always had that special backdoor where Christians had to venerate Israel in their hymns and acknowledge that its foundation was Jewish. Christians are taught to read the Bible in a way that is completely different from how Jews read it. Jews know how to use the Bible to worm their way into the seminaries and congregations and, with great subtlety, inject the Jew Mind Virus into the gullible Shabbos Goyim who fill the pews.

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sauger1001 9 months ago

Enjoying your time in Romania?

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hqwebsite 9 months ago

This late Gothic church has endured so many tragedies.


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I think churches make for great live in work shops....

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InfiniteMushroom 9 months ago

These old churches are a magnificent waste of WHITE creative power. So much beautiful architecutre in the service of a false religion, featuring a hated rabbi and a theological backdoor for Jewish infiltration when conditions were right..

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JJJJJ 9 months ago

blacks have no idea good have they it in the USA and the UK. Most parts of the world are not so welcoming

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bigintol03 9 months ago

You got that right, amen brother!

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