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Virginity = Value? Purity Culture's Biggest LIE...(Nate and Sutton)

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Published on 14 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

Virginity and value: let's talk.

Nate & Sutton's original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL17TNcYKWE

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What IS Purity Culture? One article's definition: https://www.thegospelcoalition.....org/article/faqs-kn

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wroger_wroger 3 months ago

Slow to load..... But yeah.....I can't comment on content I have seen...

Now the video is running.....

She is sleazy and nasty and a lying manipulator.....

I absolutely do not like her. I think she is a cunt.

3 minutes in.... She is all mouth and all "me, me, me" bullshit.

She does raise SOME legitimate points, but I just want to stick my fingers in my ears, and just fuck off....

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Johnny_Cage 3 months ago

Lol okay she was 'sexually assaulted'. I wonder if it was a violent, legitimate rape or whether she got caught on the carousel by the community and then screamed rape. Her attitude and tattoo indicates to me that she's probably the latter.

Yet they don't have the slightest sympathy or empathy for an awesome/genius-level men that could change the world, but no women wanted them because they were ugly or slightly disfigured or the wrong race or whatever. They want all the sympathy for themselves; it's very telling that virginity offends them so much. They can't even tolerate men valuing virginity in a woman. Fuck these hypocrite pieces of crap. They deserve the misery and unhappiness that they carry around forever. They're shitty, self-centered women that will remain complaining losers for the rest of their lives, while they see others happy with themselves and prospering. The loudest complainers about unfairness are usually envious of that trait for a good reason. They'll continue to make videos on it, but they'll never examine themselves or their fucked-up preferences and entitlement.

I'm sure most of the guys on here have similar opinions. All us sub-Chad men with so much intelligence, innovation, and benevolence to offer the world are seen as worthless dirt by these stupid creatures. Now I see why marriages eventually became universally arranged in every high society around the world. If you leave it up to women and their 'values,' your society and genetic pool/traits will go to shit and de-evolve/un-evolve, pushing your society toward collapse, anarchy, and psychopathy.

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CatFoodMillionaire 3 months ago

@J_C 100% spot on.

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MortRigo 3 months ago

After hearing her whining I can conclude that the only value this girl ever had was her virginity. I said "was" because she lost it a decade ago.

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This is not appropriate at all. First of all this woman portrays herself as both as a neocon(traddy) and has tattoos. You know those are major bloody red flags so this is going to have to be null and void. Just a figment of nothing. If you want to reach sage mode you have to recognize the F.L.A.G.S. which are Fear, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sympathy(not to be confused with empathy).

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Fangs13 3 months ago

no hymn no diamond, gameover.

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KEEPER 3 months ago

Virginity = Value. but these days women play the pretend i'm a virgin game, when in reality she's been through 40 or 50 guys within the first few years of sexual activity. then they have what's called vag renewal surgery that makes their vag look like new so the guy doesn't know the difference= perceived value. unless she's beyond ugly and fat as fuck with more than a few disabilities that have been there all her life, i would believe she's an virgin.

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KEEPER 3 months ago

and by this standard. there is no point. lol

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