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Vaccine Mandates: Know Your Rights | Constitution Corner

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Published on 30 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Vaccine Mandates: Know Your Rights | Constitution Corner

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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

Your rights only exist to the extent that you or somebody is able and willing to KILL the authority who would take it from you. Rights are a legal construct and can be taken away with the stroke of a pen. KILLING the pen holder is the only way to get it back and the certainty of a speedy execution is the only guarantor of those rights going forward.

Because politicians, judges, lawyers, and Zionist NGOs have NOT been speedily executed for every violation of your rights, every single right you think you have is GONE. A right only needs to be violated ONCE and the violation made to stand in the courts to legally kill it. THEN it becomes a conditional privilege and our privileges are being called in. .

How many ADL are hanging from highway overpasses? (White Genocide is their stated core reason for being)
How many Congress Critters are hanging from highway overpasses? (civil rights laws that trump constitutional rights)
How many judges got shaved by the National Razor? (violating your right to all-White neighborhoods and all-White public schools)
How many Jew- and Catholic-backed NGO's have been lined up against a wall and SHOT for bringing in hordes of Mud People?
How many Jew-owned media networks have been closed down, the CEO's and senior execs SHOT, and reopened under carefully selected non-Jewish management? (supporting decades of Jewish propaganda and degeneracy)
How many BLM were SHOT for attempting to burn down and loot businesses and homes? (self-explanatory)
How many race-traitor cops have been KILLED for arresting Whites trying defending themselves and their property?
How many politicians have been SHOT for imposing this (((COVID))) tyranny? ........... ***Z*E*R*O***

THAT'S why you have ZERO RIGHTS!!!

The scale of Zionist and Shabbos Goy crime is so vast that every single highway overpass could be abundantly decorated with MEAT WIND CHIMES for Christmas! Groupings of the (((guilty))) hanging by the fucking NECK and gently bumping in the breeze as the tractor-trailers roll by!

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sauger1001 7 months ago

I need a lawyer... like him.

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Generationless 7 months ago

We all do.

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