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Unmarried "Dating Expert" Explains Why She Will Never Marry A Blue Collar Man

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Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

Single Mom with 3 kids, self proclaimed dating coach, tells the world why she will never ever ever marry a blue collar worker. See Chapter Bookmarks Below. Want to save money? Don't want to miss it?  Sign up for Womanese Vol 3 alerts! Text “GIRLS” to 313-313 or sign up at https://donovansharpe.com/womanese3/

00:00 Video Begins
04:33 Video Starts
16:24 Title Topic Begins - Michaela Pink
32:39 Michaela's Video Starts - Entitled & Self Important
38:00 "Why I will never ever ever eva ever marry another blue collar worker" - C-THRIM explained
44:00 The HYMN (lol)
1:00:00 "No offense"..BUT....
1:15:00 Male "privilege" of working hard
1:17:15 Cheap Wealth
1:31:30 She brings nothing to the table except for 3 "buckets"
1:40:00 Women don't have legacies
1:41:04 Her kids interrupt her video - Fake sweet moms
1:45:00 Superchats & Comments from the chat

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wroger_wroger 2 months ago

I would not even use her face to wipe my arse with.

(Old ex) THOT Begone!

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Tautog 2 months ago

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, strictly blue collar, look him up:

This woman is an ignorant snob who thinks that a blue collar man would be dumb enough to pay for her lifestyle (but only if he doesn't know better)

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