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Turbo Manlet Anthony "Got No" Johnson Claims He Can Make Women Great Again. LOL

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Published on 03 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

***This video is a mirror of Corey Wayne's original video. Please do not waste your money on SIMP CON 2020 unless you just want to blow cash or have a reason to visit Disney Land.***

How to meet the right woman by learning which types of women you should avoid from a man who says that he married the woman from hell. ]

In this video coaching newsletter I interview Anthony “Dream” Johnson, the President of the Manosphere. He shares some of the painful lessons he learned that he first discussed in his YouTube video titled, “Marrying Medusa: How To Survive A Female Psychopath”. After four years of being together with his girlfriend, and wife of two years, in what he thought was a happy monogamous marriage, he discovered that she had been living a double life. She was serial cheating on him with other men, and also moonlighting as a hooker for extra cash. If you thought the guy from my video, “Betrayed By The Perfect Woman” had it rough, listen to what happened to Anthony. We go through red flags to look out for and the great life lessons he learned and how it made him a better man.

Here’s the links for more information on Anthony’s events, YouTube channel and Twitter:

All 21 Convention events: http://team.21university.com/148188/6171

Direct link for 22 Convention: http://team.21university.com/148188/6171/url_13165

Anthony’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/21

Anthony’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/beachmuscles

Click the link below to read the article “I Married The Woman From Hell” on my website:


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Corey Wayne

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nosepicking_autist 1 month ago

This is what happens when lack of self-awareness meets surrounding yourself with yes-men. I wager the people attenting this are worse than him.

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RougeAxis 2 months ago

But don't be delusional, this western society generates more and more people like this, or let them grow. In previous society where there was less place for bullshit, it was wether you are strong or not, got the power or not, be born in the right family or not, survive or not, go to war or spend life in jail for not going at war, etc... the pervert narcissists could not let their vices grow, develop, gain power, and people instinctively felt these pieces of shit for what they are : destructive pieces of shit, that they managed and kept under control and punishment.
Now, in this vicious, liberal, fake, marketting, inclusive, actors society, all the demonic spirits incarnated in human flesh can operate as hell. It can be a woman, a boss, a manager, a job "colleague", a "friend", a "family member", these profiles are horrible, and are being multiplying as hell in this liberal society. Men, I'm studying psychology, groups behaviours, and even spiritual dynamics to be more skilled and be able to move and survive this world of no humanity, vicious people, evil people faking to be "good", I became more and more selfish, no empathy, no care, let it burn, don't give a F to you stranger, and setting rules. I behave like I'm in a war, need to know the enemy to F him up. I'm a father, I'm a husband, I need to protect my sons against this tremendous wave of evil through liberal obscene contents and leftist society, and teach them how to operate in life, while keeping their soul sane. Because it's easy to become an evil person like these bastards, but you would lose your mind, your soul in the process, and they would win !!!! because they brought another soul for the Darkness. But it's harder to be no mercy with this world while keeping a soul for the life after death. The war now is psychological, social (power) (even power over ones own business but be the one on control, not controled, because now the forces that control are evil and pervert), and spiritual.

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AmanleyLoad 2 months ago

im triggered already, president of the manosphere, you mean queen of the fucking simps. GOD DAMN RED PILL SORT TA FUCKING SHIT OUT! MGTOW DO!

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Kingofnewyorkcity 2 months ago

How is this guy manlet ? He is about average height.

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Fix the message system please its not working well

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wildcat4mation 2 months ago

AMR, there is a member on here by the name Stand Up Men and he wants to know how to go about monetizing, placing ads, and sponsoring this website. I do not know if you have any spaces left; however, it would be worth getting in touch with him. https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/chr....is-gale-why-australi

That is his most recent video. Please touch base with him if you can. Thanks!

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Someone please drop a harsh blackpill on these wishful thinking schmucks.

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BlackPilled 2 months ago

SIMPCON 2020 exploits men by keeping them in a cycle of simpery. It disguises itself as pro male but it promotes the exploitation of men by promoting marriage (divorce rape)

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hndsoff 2 months ago

a man who married a prostitute is going to give advice to other men on how to find a "good" woman, CLOWN WORLD is TRUE,

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BlackPilled 2 months ago

He got cheated on multiple times and he's still bluepilled and wants to get into another relationship. AML: "You can't turn a ho, into a housewife"

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