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Top 21 TikTok MGTOW Truths -PROOF feminism has made women dumber

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Published on 15 May 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Top 21 Feminist Fails [PLAYLIST]


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Drums_McBashington 2 months ago

How is one supposed to catch a bubble in their mouth, when she has clearly swallowed them all.

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Yes the low IQ, low attention to detail, Mentos experiment.

She does it inside the house, the sweets are still in the pack, and so she squeezes them into the bottle, like having a big constipated low fibre terd, and away we go.

Didn't figure out that it was real, by watching any of hundreds of videos on the subject....

Having said that, how could it not be real?

Even dropping a capped bottle of Coke and then opening it does the same thing - Duh!

Smarter people go outside and into the grassy back yard, and pull the sweets out of the pack and then dump them in the bottle, super fast - and then stand back....

But not her.

   3    0
JourneyOfSagehood 2 months ago

hey shane hope u are enjoying your day, im doing good at work LOL, I`ll be uploading more this week and starting ManOpay :D

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