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Top 10 Clichés of Cheap Men (Analysis)

Casual Bachelor
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Published on 24 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

Top 10 ⁣Clichés of cheap men

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She has a head full of fucked up bullshit gender studies / feminist crap....
Bahhhh - 4 minutes - She is OLD, and has been left on the shelf, she has run out of eggs and can no longer have children, and all her complaining she thinks, will reverse time, and some fucked up white knight riding an armoured truck full of gold, will come to her rescue....

Whinge, whinge, whinge - A winner of the Swedish Feminist Institutes Gender Studies Awards.

She is so fucked up, and so fucking crazy and her bullshit feminist rhetoric....

Only a fucking nut case would hook up with that.

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She is bitter, she is nasty, she is entitled, she has hit the wall, and she is combative / argumentative and hostile......

Piss her off quick.

Patrice O_Neal - Don_t Let Women Waste Your Time
Most Loser Women only have their cunt to bring to the table....

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It's really good that you and all the other men are bringing up the psycho fucking crap of all these idiot and arsehole women.....

The first 20 seconds.... "If you shitty woman, are so into spending money, how about spending YOUR money on HIM, instead of leeching off all the men, who quickly have worked out that you are nothing but an entitled cunt, and a leech".

What is the term, "Ram Raider" - for thieves who drive trucks into ATMS, to break them off their mounts, and then steal the ATM, and break it open else where.

This is what these parasites are - RAM RAIDERS on men they see as being their own personal ATM's, and when they cannot pull off the theft with their "cunt truck" and manipulative and deceitful head games, they get all bitter and complain and whine....

"Oh fuck - he is a cheap cunt - fuck him, the tight arse / cheap skate / stingy prick etc";

Says the free loader, who could not scam her way onto the gravy train for life.

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Top 10 Clichés of Cheap Men - Or "How money sponging women fucked up trying to gouge and leech off men. The people their crap didn't work on for these spiteful cunts".

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nest006 4 months ago

Loves masculine men, but is totally happy to applaud toxic men adverts on TV and keep her pouting botox mouth shut if it makes her look better and gets her a victim card.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 4 months ago

"What's fair" ...as decided by the half that contributes virtually nothing. Ha! No.

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 4 months ago

This woman is trolling the women who watch her content. Giving the worst advice possible for a relationship.

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Too Bad for her then.... LOL There is nothing nicer than looking at the cunt of a whore as she is bending over into a KFC bin, looking for scraps with meat on it, and saying, "Don't want it, Don't need it and I am not taking that home". It's her and her retarded followers futures.

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One_Ronin 4 months ago

Her, "You're only after one thing.'' Me, ''You've only got one thing"

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Hammerhead69 4 months ago

She is a feminist playing both sides for all she can get and balm her ego.

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